An Exciting Paintball adventure in San Fran!

Recently Jason, one of our blog writers lead a group of first timers on their first ever paintball tournament experience up in the hills of San Francisco. Everyone was naturally a bit nervous but also extremely excited to hit the paintball field for a fun game of woodsball.

The bus arrived and we all hopped off and headed to the local paintball gun shop to get geared up and ready to play. We made sure to inform everyone that safety is always the number one priority when it comes to playing paintball. You should always wear an awesome paintball mask and make sure it provides ample eye protection should you take a rogue paintball to the face! paintball is a fun and safe sport when you take the right precautions, minus a few sore welts by the time you are done that is!

large scale paintball war

So we headed into Planet-Paintball to get our gear, consisting of coveralls, masks and paintball guns. They provided us with plenty of ammo and split us into two teams after we filled in the required paperwork. You usually are required to sign a waiver and then you will be allowed to play on their private paintball field. No one wants to get sued after all!

planet paintball field

So after being assigned to either the red or blue team, we were lead to our respective sides of the wide open play space. There was large wooden bunkers and trenches scattered across the field to provide cover for the paintball players and a large woods area surrounding the outskirts. This area would be ideal for any sneaky players or paintball snipers. The field was nice enough to rent us some paintball guns, but they also sell  Cheap paintball guns as well.

We were well equipped with a professional level tippmann 98 custom paintball gun each, along with our very important paintball masks!

With a blast the air horn sounded and we were in the game! I could see the look of panic on some of the new recruits faces while others immediately dived for cover. The adrenaline rush like always was instantaneous and visceral. This was what I love about paintball, the sheer rush of the game.

Within minutes the two teams had an epic battle firing on all fronts, with paintballs whizzing across the field from all directions. Players dodged and and weaved, doing their best to not get hit, while laying down a barrage of fire from their paintball guns towards the opposing team.

paintball team

When it was all said and done 7 rounds of paintball later, everyone was exhausted but beaming smiles all round. For a group of beginner players, they certainly took well to the action sport. Besides from being caked in mud and a few scrapes and bruises the day was a major success.

The Coaches Rules for Paintball:

  1. Always use proper eye protection and wear a paintball mask!
  2. Be prepared to get dirty and experience the adrenaline of outdoor field paintball.
  3. Always have fun and bring your best attitude! This is an awesome team sport.

The Wonders of Bali Scuba Diving

Ahhh Bali. Just hearing the name alone conjures images of the far east, wonderful food, smiling people and beautiful romantic sunsets. One of our team members Matt, has chosen to go live in Bali fulltime and recently became a scuba diving instructor. Matt has always been a big fan of the ocean so getting a chance to scuba dive every day is an easy career path choice for him!

Bali offers some of the best scuba diving in the world, with a wide variety of oceanic life and amazing reefs that are accessible to divers of all skill levels. The ocean is warm and currents are mild off the coast of Bali. Indonesia has a host of amazing features about it, and one of them is their focus on marine life protection which means there should be plenty of years of good diving to come. This is a vital element of their tourism industry and many countries often overlook scuba diving as a large portion of their tourism industry each year. But Bali has chosen to protect many local shark species and this helps to keep their reef eco systems and therefore scuba diving conditions thriving.

an awesome tropical reef for diving

Matt recently had the chance to bring a group of young Canadian ex-pats out for their open water PADI training. Everyone was excited to learn from our Coaching expert and the upside of being a scuba diving instructor is you get to share your passion with everyone who wants to learn, and get paid for it! So they set off for a fantastic day of diving at magnet point. This dive site is known for its large array of wildlife, everything from manta rays and sea turtles to massive intimidating Hammer head sharks! The group was a little nervous at the mention of the word shark, but Matt assured them the conditions would be perfectly safe and have a great time!

How a dive computer saved my life!

oceanic oci dive computer

The water that day was calm an beautiful and the boat sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. Matt’s group was the only ones to arrive at magnet dive site that day, and that is always an added bonus. Within minutes everyone was over the side and beginning their scuba diving descent. The water was pristine and we were able to quickly reach the bottom. It was a good thing we were using a Dive computer on this dive because the depth dropped off very quickly. it is important to remain aware of the levels of nitrogen building up in your blood stream. Without it it would have been very likely we could have extended the dive for too long and one of us could have ended up with the bends! a good thing we were paying attention to our wrist diving computers! At that depth you really don’t want to take a risk! Make sure not confuse a dive computer with Mens Dive watches!

We saw several medium sized sharks and a ton of rays. Also there was a small wreck we were able to explore on the bottom and overall it was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

scuba diving wreck with a dive computer

Welcome to the Coach, your source for online sports training!

Welcome to! We are a group of passionate sports aficionados who have experience in a wide range of action sports activities and love to share our tips with the world. From scuba diving off the coast of Ecuador to playing  paintball in the woods of LA, we love any adrenaline pumping physical activities!

scuba diving in bali

Extreme sports and travel are a great way to continually push your boundaries and grow into a well rounded human being. Not only do they teach you new skills and help improve your co-ordination abilities, they are a great way to expand your social circle and make some new friends!

wind surfing extreme

We are a group of friends scattered around the globe who decided to form a blog as a way to keep each other abreast of our adventures, regardless of if we are together or not. Matt might be snowboarding on the slopes of whistler, while jason is scuba diving around the south pacific. Carly might be supplementing her travel blog with some daily adventure highlights and also take some time to chime in here about her latest wind surfing trip in Chile. So grab your surfboard or Scuba fins and get your ass out the door!

The internet provides a great way to keep in touch and share our experiences with the world, and keep us inspired in our quest for further adventure in action sports and travel. This really is the age of the digital nomad and having the freedom to keep everyone up to date while still doing what we love is an amazing opportunity.

volleyball coaching

It is our goal to help transfer our combined coaching experience from our various fields of study, such as volley ball, scuba diving, or kite surfing and transfer them directly to you, the end user, to improve your growing skillset in any sports activity you might be interested in. By the power of an online community with a vast array of experience levels, we hope to power charge your learning time and skill development.

The Coach is the brainchild of 5 former high school teachers who quit our jobs to speacialize in our true passion, teaching action sports the normal school curriculum would not allow us to. This was the best decision we have ever made and cannot be happier. By combining our love of  travel, teaching and extreme sports, we are able to live the lifestyle we all crave and not have to feel guilty about it! So come join us on our globe trotting adventures and hopefuly you will learn a thing or two about your own interests in the process! Adventure is just a single click away.