Welcome to the Coach, your source for online sports training!

Welcome to TheCoach-Online.com! We are a group of passionate sports aficionados who have experience in a wide range of action sports activities and love to share our tips with the world. From scuba diving off the coast of Ecuador to playing  paintball in the woods of LA, we love any adrenaline pumping physical activities!

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Extreme sports and travel are a great way to continually push your boundaries and grow into a well rounded human being. Not only do they teach you new skills and help improve your co-ordination abilities, they are a great way to expand your social circle and make some new friends!

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We are a group of friends scattered around the globe who decided to form a blog as a way to keep each other abreast of our adventures, regardless of if we are together or not. Matt might be snowboarding on the slopes of whistler, while jason is scuba diving around the south pacific. Carly might be supplementing her travel blog with some daily adventure highlights and also take some time to chime in here about her latest wind surfing trip in Chile. So grab your surfboard or Scuba fins and get your ass out the door!

The internet provides a great way to keep in touch and share our experiences with the world, and keep us inspired in our quest for further adventure in action sports and travel. This really is the age of the digital nomad and having the freedom to keep everyone up to date while still doing what we love is an amazing opportunity.

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It is our goal to help transfer our combined coaching experience from our various fields of study, such as volley ball, scuba diving, or kite surfing and transfer them directly to you, the end user, to improve your growing skillset in any sports activity you might be interested in. By the power of an online community with a vast array of experience levels, we hope to power charge your learning time and skill development.

The Coach is the brainchild of 5 former high school teachers who quit our jobs to speacialize in our true passion, teaching action sports the normal school curriculum would not allow us to. This was the best decision we have ever made and cannot be happier. By combining our love of  travel, teaching and extreme sports, we are able to live the lifestyle we all crave and not have to feel guilty about it! So come join us on our globe trotting adventures and hopefuly you will learn a thing or two about your own interests in the process! Adventure is just a single click away.