An Exciting Paintball adventure in San Fran!

Recently Jason, one of our blog writers lead a group of first timers on their first ever paintball tournament experience up in the hills of San Francisco. Everyone was naturally a bit nervous but also extremely excited to hit the paintball field for a fun game of woodsball.

The bus arrived and we all hopped off and headed to the local paintball gun shop to get geared up and ready to play. We made sure to inform everyone that safety is always the number one priority when it comes to playing paintball. You should always wear an awesome paintball mask and make sure it provides ample eye protection should you take a rogue paintball to the face! paintball is a fun and safe sport when you take the right precautions, minus a few sore welts by the time you are done that is!

large scale paintball war

So we headed into Planet-Paintball to get our gear, consisting of coveralls, masks and paintball guns. They provided us with plenty of ammo and split us into two teams after we filled in the required paperwork. You usually are required to sign a waiver and then you will be allowed to play on their private paintball field. No one wants to get sued after all!

planet paintball field

So after being assigned to either the red or blue team, we were lead to our respective sides of the wide open play space. There was large wooden bunkers and trenches scattered across the field to provide cover for the paintball players and a large woods area surrounding the outskirts. This area would be ideal for any sneaky players or paintball snipers. The field was nice enough to rent us some paintball guns, but they also sell  Cheap paintball guns as well.

We were well equipped with a professional level tippmann 98 custom paintball gun each, along with our very important paintball masks!

With a blast the air horn sounded and we were in the game! I could see the look of panic on some of the new recruits faces while others immediately dived for cover. The adrenaline rush like always was instantaneous and visceral. This was what I love about paintball, the sheer rush of the game.

Within minutes the two teams had an epic battle firing on all fronts, with paintballs whizzing across the field from all directions. Players dodged and and weaved, doing their best to not get hit, while laying down a barrage of fire from their paintball guns towards the opposing team.

paintball team

When it was all said and done 7 rounds of paintball later, everyone was exhausted but beaming smiles all round. For a group of beginner players, they certainly took well to the action sport. Besides from being caked in mud and a few scrapes and bruises the day was a major success.

The Coaches Rules for Paintball:

  1. Always use proper eye protection and wear a paintball mask!
  2. Be prepared to get dirty and experience the adrenaline of outdoor field paintball.
  3. Always have fun and bring your best attitude! This is an awesome team sport.